Curtain Cleaning Mitcham

Curtain CleaningCurtains are usually made of delicate fabrics which require a specific cleaning approach since conventional cleaning methods will likely cause damage or alteration to the curtain fabric or material. Curtains in your home are exposed to a generous amount of dust, pollen and bacteria on a daily basis, after while curtains will begin to show the need for some serious cleaning, especially if they are also exposed to cigarette smoke which seeps inside the curtain fabric and changes its colour. If your curtains are in need of cleaning, we strongly advise customers in Mitcham to refrain from using conventional cleaning methods as these will likely cause damage such as shrinkage, fading, discolouration, even tearing along stitch lines.

Customers in Mitcham need to be aware though, that damage caused by sunlight exposure is irreversible, even by professional cleaning methods. The best way to clean your delicate curtains properly is to use our professional curtain cleaning service as this is the safe, efficient and affordable alternative to any other cleaning methods. The curtain cleaning service we offer is the most sparing way to clean the curtains, and yield the required results without risk of damage or alteration to colour and properties of the curtain fabric. The cleaning method we use is suitable for any type and size curtain. Depending on the type of fabric our cleaning technicians will choose the most appropriate cleaning method. In instances where the curtain has sustained staining as well, the exact cleaning approach will also be determined by the nature and scale of the staining.

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    Curtain CleaningGenerally, there are two cleaning techniques which we use, either dry curtain cleaning or steam curtain cleaning. Both methods are highly effective and will not cause mechanical or chemical damage or alteration to the curtain fabric and its characteristics. The steam cleaning method uses a preheated, pressurised cleaning solvent which is sprayed throughout the curtain fabric in order to remove dust, kill bacteria and lift stubborn stains. The cleaning solvent and the dirt are then vacuumed off using a special machine which also dries the curtain fabric as it vacuums.

    Dry cleaning is usually reserved for really delicate curtain fabrics which will not tolerate high temperature exposure. The dry cleaning is also known as restorative cleaning and uses very little moisture. In this case the cleaning is performed using a chemical solvent applied in order to remove dust, pollen and heavy staining.