Dry Carpet Cleaning Mitcham

Dry Carpet CleaningDry carpet cleaning is generally the next stage of advancement in professional carpet cleaning services. Dry carpet cleaning is a relatively new cleaning method which optimises the normal steam cleaning process through reduction of drying time, for all types of carpets. The dry cleaning method is perfectly suitable for all types of carpet fibres, either natural or synthetic. The dry cleaning service we offer customers in Mitcham will not cause damage to the carpet fibre’s structure, appearance or properties.

Dry carpet cleaning is also considered to be the more sparing way to clean carpets professionally as there is less mechanical contact between the carpet’s fibres and the equipment used to perform the cleaning. Carpets in your home require professional cleaning at least twice during the year, as this allows for better interior hygiene and improved indoor air quality – vital if you have people with respiratory conditions living on the premises. Problem with most conventional carpet cleaning methods is not so much the time, effort and resources required, but the fact that the dirt, grime, dust and bacteria are still lurking down the bottom of the carpet.

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    Dry Carpet CleaningThe carpets are exposed to a great deal of dirt, pollen, dust and bacteria every day. Heavy foot traffic drives the dirt and grime further down between strands, all the way to the carpet’s base layer – thus making effective carpet cleaning almost impossible. Our dry carpet cleaning service, available to customers in Mitcham will deal with such issues quite easily, as the equipment and methods we use clean deep inside the carpet, and lift stains and grime from the bottom of the carpet. The dry cleaning is also quite effective for lifting and removal of stubborn stains, which are usually only spread out further, or driven deeper inside the carpet through conventional cleaning.

    The cleaning process itself consists of thorough vacuuming of the entire carpet in order to pick up and remove any loose bits and large debris from in between strands. This is then followed by the dispersion of a dry cleaning agent, through the application of a special dry cleaning machine. In some cases where staining is quite heavy, the cleaners may need to apply a spray on cleaning solvent in order to pre-treat the stain and ensure easy removal. Carpets should be dry enough to walk on in about forty or so minutes, though this depends on ambient temperature and humidity.