Mattress Cleaning Mitcham

Mattress CleaningMost people underestimate the need to keep their mattress clean and sanitised as much as possible. Indeed the mattress may not be exposed to the same amount of germs, bacteria and grime as the front door area for example, but there are other, more specific cleaning issues concerning your mattress. Usually new mattresses are free of any bad odours, bacteria, dust and fungal growths. In time though, with everyday use, the mattress will begin to accumulate a great deal of dust and bacteria, throughout its depth, all the way down to the other end of it.

The dark, warm and humid environment inside the mattress is also the ideal breeding ground for many types of bacteria. In some cases, a mattress that hasn’t been cleaned properly for quite some time can also develop complete insect colonies, like bed bugs for instance and become completely unusable. Even if the mattress hasn’t developed such major problems, body odours, dead skin cells, dust and pollen can be the cause of poor indoor air quality and affect people’s sleep quality and patterns. Most conventional cleaning methods used to clean mattresses can be described by the medical term – topical, in other words they are applied directly onto the mattress, and even though the top mattress layer seems clean enough, the real hygiene problems are on the inside and cannot be dealt with using conventional cleaning methods.

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    Mattress CleaningOur professional mattress cleaning service, available to customers in Mitcham will deliver the desired level and quality of results, because our equipment and materials allow for deep, thorough cleaning of layers beneath the mattress surface. This ensures better bedroom hygiene for longer and fewer allergens in the air. The mattress cleaning process is performed using professional steam cleaning equipment which not only disinfects but also removes heavy staining of both organic and chemical nature. In some instances, where staining is stale or really stubborn the cleaners may have to apply a cleaning solvent, as pre-treatment of the stains and ensure swift, easy removal.

    The mattress cleaning we offer customers in Mitcham is safe and will not damage the mattress. The steam cleaning process we use also disinfects and kills off any bacteria, fungal spores and insect eggs from the top layers of the mattress. The mattress cleaning method uses the natural cleaning power of steam, which means no exposure to toxic chemicals and no use of aggressive cleaning solvents.